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Global Manufacturer of Innovative Ultra Precision Machining Solutions. Precitech A Global Manufacturer of innovative ultra precision machining systems for diamond turning, freeform precision machining, micro-grinding, micro-milling, milling and grinding of optical lenses, mold inserts, mirrors, glass press molding, machine and precision components


Precitech News

ANNOUNCEMENT: Keene, NH, Oct. 1, 2014 - Precitech announces Long Hong Intrenational Hightech as its New Taiwan Agent

PRESS RELEASE: Keene, NH, Sept. 18, 2014 – Precitech, Vision Research, and Levicron release a second series of Slow-Motion Videos of Ultra Precision Machining

FEATURE ARTICLE: Micro Manufacturing – November/December 2013 – The ABCs of UPM: Freeform machining makes complex parts ultraprecisely

PRESS RELEASE: Keene, NH, July 1, 2014 – Precitech and Levicron Capture Precision Machining on Phantom High-Speed Camera

NEW PRODUCTKeene, NH, Oct 14, 2013 – Precitech Launches the Freeform L 5-Axis Ultra Precision Machining System

NEW PRODUCTKeene, NH, Oct 1, 2013 – Precitech Joins Forces with Levicron to Provide Innovative Ultra Precision Machining Solutions     (Link to the Levicron website: www.levicron.de)

NEW PRODUCT: Keene, NH, Sept. 4, 2013 – Precitech Introduces the Nanoform® L 1000 Multi-Axis Ultra Precision Machining System

NEW PRODUCT: Keene, NH, May 13, 2013 – Precitech Introduces the new Nanoform X, the next-generation multi-axis ultra precision machining system.

FEATURE ARTICLE: Micro Manufacturing – March/April 2013 – Cutting Infinity: Ultraprecision machining delivers unprecedented accuracy

NEW PRODUCT: Keene, NH, January 15, 2013 “Precitech introduces the HS 150 High-Performance Workholding Spindle specifically designed for Diamond Turning 

APPLICATION NOTE: Precitech’s Nanoform 250 Ultra combined with TMC’s STACIS® increases yield.

PRESS RELEASE: NEW 3-D Process improves form accuracy of diffractive optics from Precitech Inc. Taylor Hobson


PRESS RELEASE: Precitech Inc. offers Remote Device Interface (RDI) for leading industry-leading UPx machine controller

PRESS RELEASE: AMETEK acquires Sterling Ultra Precision, a privately held reseller of machine tools for the ophthalmic lens market headquartered in Tampa FL.

NEW PRODUCT: Precitech introduces the PCA – Part Center Accessory as part of the “Process Automations Series” product features at the Photonics West 2010 show.

NEW PRODUCT: Precitech launches a series of Process Automations to help customers with machine utilization and productivity, for a brief overview.

EVENT: Laser Show, Munich Germany:Proved to be an excellent show. Precitech showcased their Nanoform 250 Ultra with Slow Tool Servo. Precitech’s commitment in ultra-precision remains strong with speeds, surface finish & greater precision.

NEW PRODUCTS: Precitech adds two new Spindles to their lineup the HD-160 (with 33% improved stiffness and load capacity) and HS-75 (with 50% improved stiffness and load capacity)

PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: Precitech announces all Nanoform® Ultra Series Lathes now achieve surface finish under 1.0nm Ra.

PRESS RELEASE: Precitech participates in the Historical Society of Cheshire County Precision Technology for the World: Manufacturing Heritage and Its Future-World: Manufacturing Heritage and Its Future

PRESS RELEASE: Precitech delivers 21st ultra precision machine to Axsys IR Systems

NEW PRODUCT: Precitech Introduces the 250 Ultragrind at the ASPE Trade Show

EVENT: Precitech Represented at Laser Show 2007 Trade Show

EVENT: Precitech Represented at Optifab Show 2007 Trade Show

PRESS RELEASE: Precitech Acquired by Ametek – Precitech Press Release

PRESS RELEASE: Precitech Completes the Sale of their 1000th Machine

EVENT: Precitech Represented at Eastec 2006 Trade Show

NEW PRODUCT: Precitech Introduces the New Nanoform 250 Ultra

NEW PRODUCT: The New Nanoform DRL Drum Roll Series and the New Freeform Series

EVENT: Precitech Represented at Photonics West 2006 Trade Show

EVENT: Precitech Represented at Optifab 2006 Trade Show