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Global Manufacturer of Innovative Ultra Precision Machining Solutions. Precitech A Global Manufacturer of innovative ultra precision machining systems for diamond turning, freeform precision machining, micro-grinding, micro-milling, milling and grinding of optical lenses, mold inserts, mirrors, glass press molding, machine and precision components
White Papers



Fundamentals of Ultra Precision Machining
Applications and Benefits Related to the Precitech Hydroround CNC B Axis (English) (Chinese)
Machine Accuracy and Dynamics as Related to Low Damage Grinding
3-D Metrology and Correction of Aspheric Diffractive Optics by Erik Stover Taylor Hobson and Jeff Roblee Precitech Inc.
Factors Affecting Surface Finish in Diamond Turning by Jeff Roblee
Characteristics: Rapidly Diamond Turn Non-Rotationally Symmetric Surfaces
Shoot for the Stars – NASA Grant means big things for Precitech
Freeform Machining with Precitech Servo Tool Options
Precitech Shapes its Lathes with QNX
Precision Temperature Control for Optics Manufacturing by Jeffrey W. Roblee
Closing in on Perfection – Fortune Magazine Article
An Ultra Precision Micro Grinding Process Using PCD Tools Tried by Micro EDM
Precitech’s Philosophy on Ultra Precision Machine Control
Advanced Metrology for the Aircraft Industry
Aspheres and Diffractive Surfaces
Error Budget as a design Tool for Ultra-Precision Diamond Turning Machines
DIFFSYS-Diffractive & Aspheric Lens Generation Software for Precision Diamond-Turning
Partnering with TNO
Design of Ultra Precision Modular, Freeform Machine Tool
The Development of Machine Components with Nanometer Capabilities
A Modular Approach to Diamond Machining
On the Design of Ultra Precise Machine Slides
Design of a New Generation CNC Grinding Machine
The Design of a Machine Tool for Spherical Lens Production
Capstans or Lead Screws? Comparing the Performance of Diamond Turning Machines
Elid Dressing of Grinding Wheels
Opticam SM Update
Qualification and Performance Analysis of an Interferometric Sensor
Optimized Tool Path Descriptions for Aspherical Surface Generation
Opticam Machine Design
An Evaluation of Ultra Precision Machine Tool Contouring Performance
Fundamental Axial Spindle Motions and Optical Tolerances
Compensation of Residual Form Errors in Precision Machined Components
Diamond Turning Achieves Nanometer Smoothness
Machining Non-axis Symmetric Optics 1
Machining Non-axis symmetric Optics 2
A Description of Off-Axis Conic Surfaces
The Single Point Diamond Turning of Optical Surfaces for Visible Wavelength Applications
The Characterization of the Geometry of Mono Crystalline Diamond Contouring Tools
Optical Tolerating for Diamond Turning Ogive Error
An Exact Description of Far Off-Axis Conic Surfaces
The Results of Cutting Tests Performed on a Sub-Micro inch Resolution Lathe
The Design and Construction of a Sub-Micro Inch Resolution Lathe
An Investigation of the Effects of Diamond Machining on Germanium
The Use of Aluminum Alloy Castings as Diamond Machining Substrates
An Unusual Two Mirror Telescope – A Diamond Machining Example
The Grinding of Optical Glasses on an Ultra Precision Machine Tool
Recent Developments in the Generation of Glass Aspherical Surfaces
Diamond Turning Applications to Multi mirror Systems
Recent Developments in Diamond Turning
Testing Generalized Rotationally-Symmetric Aspheric Optical Surfaces
Specifications & Manufacturing Considerations of Diamond Machined Optical Components
Production Aspects of Single Point Diamond Turning
Making the most of Precision Machining